we are in the middle of buying two cars.

i hate cars. they are coffins. neither of us wanted one until we had children or turned 40, whichever came first. but here we are in johannesburg, and we need to buy one, er two. i’m reading all the online advice for expat car buying in joburg, and apparently cars are much more expensive than in the states. this makes me so annoyed to the point of anger. like the simplest, dinkiest, honda civic is already two levels up from the bottom. it would be easy enough to buy the two cheapest cars (which we will get at least one of…) anyway, now we have to think about having a ‘safari’ car for the bush (seriously, this is the only place where 4 wheel drive isn’t a made up suburban upgrade), getting smash and grab protection treatment for the windows (how much does that cost?), tracking systems, learning how to drive STICK SHIFT or paying 20 to 30 thousand rand more…..the list goes on and on and makes me want to throw my laptop across the room. we also need to install motion sensors in the garage to connect to the security system. also, on a completely different note something to add to the list of expat things i need to re learn in every country is what each cut of steak is called. i cannot eat ‘fillet’ (rhymes with millet!) for every meal at a steak restaurant. 

UPDATE: one car down, a subaru forester, 2006 manual. this is our ‘safari car.’ i’m not so angry anymore, we need them here and we are doing what we have to do. someday we can go back to not needing them. i hope that we made the right choice! 

UPDATE2: of course, OF COURSE it couldn’t have been that easy! we made all these decisions and it turns out financing is nearly impossible (or ridiculous) to get as a foreigner. well guess what? i don’t want to use my our savings on two damn cars! back to the drawing board. we’ll be sharing the rented chevrolet piece of sh*t aveo courtesy of the paper a bit longer then.

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