painting + unpacking…a teensy sneak peak

Namrata Singh//our house in joburg


we moved into our permanent place on saturday and this is a preview of our unpacking progress!! i painted directed the painting of the kitchen ceiling and the dining room. we still need to add a few things to the walls, and it will look more ‘styled’ (barf) with buds and succulents in those hanging vases but this is proof that we worked all weekend! now i need to motivate myself to unpack things which are not wedding gifts. srsly who gives a sh*t about crusty ikea utensils from berlin when your brand new le creuset paraphernalia are beckoning at you sexily from their perch on your kitchen countertop? god bless america and its wedding traditions.

also the windows in this house are huge and currently sparkling clean and curtain-less. so p stuck boxes and packing paper in the bedroom windows to cover them because it freaks him out at night so when i wake up i’m like oh i’m so glad we decided to MOVE INTO A SQUAT. especially because it’s still FREEZING in the mornings because the houses here have no real insulation (it’s the southern hemisphere, duh).  oh well, at least if i ever have to live in a real squat p will feel obligated to come we’ll be together. 


3rd october, 2011

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