diy retail therapy.

via oh joy! for hygge and west 

my need desire to exact aesthetic control over my surroundings started in berlin. in nyc i couldn’t even be bothered to unpack all of my boxes. in fact, my mom had to fly in a year into it and literally unpack  about a third of them for me. srsly. anyway, it might be silly to put so much effort and dollars/euros/rand into decorating spaces i rent and only live in for a few years. nevertheless it is a creative outlet, it creates a haven from the outside world and i can feel proud of it. in the fantastically democratic sphere of the internet there are tons of bloggers who i hit like an addict on a crack pipe take inspiration from on a daily basis. one person whose design aesthetic, style, and general bad-assery i obsess over admire is Joy D. Cho at oh joy!. let me tell you, that b*tch got talent. one of the millions of things that she does is design wallpaper (available at hygge and west). well, it sells for something like 125USD per teensy roll (get down girl, go ‘head…). when i did some rough calculations i found it would cost something like 800USD to cover the walls of our tiny entry way which has FOUR doors that dont even need covering. well i am a ridiculous person but not 800-bucks-for-a-rental-entryway ridiculous. imagine my ecstasy when some clicking around later i found her ‘stones throw away’ wallpaper (above) for 10, yes TEN USD per roll in the ‘wallpaper by the yard’ section at hygge and west in the champagne color. well i ordered ten rolls of that before p even knew what was happening. i can’t wait to show you what it looks like in the end. here’s hoping the shipment makes it! 

11th october, 2011

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