Discovering Cape Town Part 1: the Surrounding Wine Lands

this weekend p and i got up at the ungodly hour of 4 am to catch a flight to Cape Town. there is so much hype surrounding this city i thought i might be underwhelmed by it (you know, like when you go to prague or something). that was a silly assumption. i was so overcome by the natural beauty, where every new thing i saw was more beautiful than the last. i wasn’t sure exactly how to write about it so i’ll let my pictures do most of the talking. i will say that we had so much fun that it was like the honeymoon we didn’t have in bali (on account of I had very severe food poisoning). i will also say that my photographs get better in parts 2 and 3 partially because the Cape Peninsula is one of the most beautiful places on planet Earth and partially because i learned a lot about my camera during this trip.

    our day started with a trip to vergelegen wine estate (seen at the top) which is known for being mandela’s favorite (and i think quite touristy). since we had started our day at 4 am we were sampling wines by 10. nothing wrong with that.

    vergelegen has an elaborate garden where it is easy to waste spend fifteen minutes at least just photographing the flowers. the other thing it has is german tourists. p and i spent at least ten minutes unintentionally silently snooping in on several conversations.

   after vergelegen we drove to spier. we didn’t get to sampling the wines however, because i miraculously spotted that they have a cheetah conservancy. i spent 200 rands just to play with the baby cheetahs while p  thumbed through his blackberry watched lovingly. they were extremely adorable, and worth every penny even though i now have conflicted feelings about ‘animal encounters.’

    we headed into Stellenbosch for some lunch and one of our favorite couple activities: sheeshah. in south africa, they call it Hubbly Bubbly. that such a ridiculous name that we concluded it must have been an indian who came up with it. i ordered Bob’s Your Uncle wine…and it came in a beer bottle. for those of you in the back: instead of a glass of wine you get the amount of a large beer bottle. the hubs helped me out because i don’t think he wanted to drive a passed-out wife back to cape town. i think we have found an economical girly drink for our housewarming braai though.

we drove back to the city and went to El Burro in Green Point for dinner. anyone living abroad (unless it is in Mexico) knows how difficult it is to find proper mexican food. well this place is legit and i highly recommend you try it if you’re in town. the pork tacos are better than most of the tacos i’ve had in my life, because the way they braise it is HEAVENLY and SPICY (i think for me spicy=heaven).

     we capped off the day with, you guessed it, more sheesha at Al Diwan in Mainroad in Greenpoint. what it is lacking in ambiance it makes up for with amazing sheesha. i leave you with one last pic of the amazing stellenbosch wine lands and tomorrow i’ll show you even more breathtaking views of the cape peninsula.

photos via namrata singh

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