welcome to my new blog!

hi there. i made some changes and switched my blog host and name. the main upgrade is that commenting is much easier and wordpress is easier for me to manipulate. also the posts before this one aren’t formatted very well because i migrated over from tumblr. anyway, i hope you enjoy!

photo: via namrata singh, flowers in stellenbosch

6 thoughts on “welcome to my new blog!

  1. I’m so glad you changed it – much easier to remember! Great pictures of Cape Town by the way, and it looks like you did a lot of things, including wine. We just got back from Franschhoek, and it was magical (just blogging about that now).

      • yes, we just said the same thing. We always think the weather in Cape Town should be horrible from what you hear, but in the three times I’ve been there the weather has always been perfect. Glad you enjoyed it – definitely a place to go back to many times.

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