Discovering Cape Town Part 2: the Cape Peninsula

for our second day in cape town we woke up early once again to catch a seal tour. you have to get up early to see the seals or the water gets too choppy. after a roller-coaster-like ride on a giant boat (we were in the front) which consisted of me yelling at p to brace me as i switched camera lenses to alternately get in the seals’ faces and wide landscape shots, we pulled up to the seals. these are the same glorious seals that make their perilous journeys over shark infested waters that you watch being chomped on the discovery channel. after we had our fill, the boat turned around and i was able to get some more shots of the landscape.

then we started our journey up chapman’s peak drive. it’s the same one where the car commercials are filmed: when you see some car speeding around the corner perilously above the ocean to some racy music, that is where we were.  the cape is a photography enthusiast’s dream. the landscape is breathtaking, and because of the mountains/hills the clouds are constantly changing so the light is always new and it doesn’t even matter that it is the middle of the day because the clouds are giving you some interesting light to shoot in.

after screeching asking nicely for p to stop several times for pics (the guy is a patient, patient man) we got to the game reserve on the cape peninsula. it was arid because of all the wind and there was some small to medium game to be seen. the best part for me was the vegetation.

then, it was time to see the Cape of Good Hope. many people (including me) thought/think that this is the  point where the indian ocean and the atlantic meet, but that is a fallacy. this was disappointing because i was on a mission to take some shots of the mixing water. but the the indian ocean and the atlantic are starkly different colors and you can really see that (though not at the cape of good hope).  we got our obligatory touristy shots in our ridiculous safari clothes, (p’s boss in berlin un-ironically bought him a safari jacket as a going-away present ).

we hiked to the top of the rocks and the views did not disappoint.

the water was blue, the wind was blowing, and i was happy to be alive. happy to be alive is a feeling i often get when i’m south africa (and in the proximity of wild game) and this little trip was another confirmation of our decision to move here.

i mean when is the last time you’ve seen an ostrich in the wild?

the reserve was full of ostriches and, since it is spring time, their babies. they were quite unafraid. i chose this pic because this guy had walked right up to our car and was mugging for the camera. i was also a bit scared he was angry at me and about to attack since he was about 2 feet away and looked exasperated. who is this little indian woman taking my picture?

then, on to simon’s town for some lunch and penguins. remember i told you can see the difference in color of the two oceans? i guess i knew that oceans are different colors since i’ve seen lots of large bodies of water be starkly different than one another, but the close proximity of two of the world’s largest water masses being so different and so close to each other really drives home the point.

the last stop was to see the penguins. first when i saw the little guys i thought they looked lethargic and depressed. i was confused…don’t you live in the wild little penguins? do the tourists who take your pictures really make you that sad? then i found out they were molting. while they are molting, they do not eat. they hadn’t been eating for about 20 days! that explained everything…when i don’t eat i get in a terrible mood, like a small child. p is always making sure i’ve had enough to eat so he can avoid this.

our day trip around the peninsula (and it does take a whole day) ended in dinner at a touristy but yummy belgian restaurant on the water called Den Ankar. we went there since joburg is lacking in good beer and p read that they carry my favorite beer, a belgian brew called delirium tremens.

the last shot i would like to show you is the arid peninsula game reserve. i love the ominous clouds in this photo. the next lens i want to get is a wide angle lens so i can get better landscape shots (cough, christmas present, cough). have i convinced any of you to visit us yet?

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