fashion friday: afro-prints

a refreshing aspect about shopping in africa is color glorious COLOR.  my wardrobe comes in three shades: black, grey, or outrageously colorful. i can get my fill of the entire brilliant spectrum here through the african prints that are available everywhere you look. there are so many beautiful prints that they give diane von furstenburg a run for her money.

i apologize for the lackluster pic, the idea was to get the background (below) in but we were rushing to leave for the airport and there is only so much last minute barking p is willing to take.

i wore this outfit on our last day in cape town for our trip back to joburg, and to my photography class as i successfully dodged the protest that julius malema was leading, (little do my photography classmates know they are getting a regular fashion parade).

headband: lululemon from my friend anna, it is a very practical accessory for ladies with long hair on the outrageously windy cape.

earrings: antique from the antique market by the tiergarten u-bahn stop in berlin. a present from p when our friends jon and katie were visiting.  warm memories.

glasses: miumiu, i already told you the story on those.

necklaces: same as last week

shirt:  promod in my favorite color after black and grey, azure blue.

skirt: suga suga from woolworths. as i’ve noted before woolworth’s (i refuse to call it “wooly’s”  is a department store in rsa that is best known for its yuppy organic market. they have an initiative to feature local designers so i happily bought this skirt for 200 rands (about 25 USD). while 200 rand is nothing in dollars or euros i am starting to think in rand, and this is depressing not as fun as thinking in euros. despite all the trouble the eurozone is giving the world i miss it, you sweet sweet currency.  by the way, the smallest size i’m ever able to find at woolworth’s is an 8 so i only buy things if i can alter them myself.

shoes: zara somewhere in berlin. they were cheap-as-hell (in my old version of cheap-as-hell when i was a working woman and didn’t even have to pay german taxes) and reminiscent of some sparkly flat jimmy choos that i couldn’t bring myself to spend 400 euros on.

i hope you have a great weekend! i have so much to write about next week including whale watching, a young south african artist, joburg’s china town, and a trip i’m taking to Kliptown in Soweto. bis dann!

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