Jacaranda City.

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Well, officially Pretoria is known as Jacaranda City but Joburg has a fair amount, too. We stopped the car on a lark to grab a shot of the Jacarandas and their ‘purple snow’ lining this Jozi street. Maybe we value these beautiful trees even more because they only bloom for a little over a month in the spring. They smell heavenly, and look even better. All this to say I am volunteering today and will be back to write a regular post in the afternoon about pea pesto and fettucini. Stay tuned, because it’s yummy.

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  1. Hi! Been looking for the best street in Jo’burg with Jacarandas. Do you know which suburb and the name of the street this was taken? And also when? What’s the best time of year to see them in full bloom?
    Thanks a mil,

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