The New Chinatown in Johannesburg

new chinatown in johannesburg, land of nams    On the top of my list of favorite things is food from around the world. So when my fellow Joburg expatriate Bing (she is showing up a lot in my blog posts huh?), who is from Singapore and is Chinese, said she wanted to take us on a trip to Joburg’s ‘new’ Chinatown we were very excited. She says the old Chinatown, which is in downtown Joburg, sells such cheap stuff that the Chinese won’t even buy it.  So we trekked to Cyrildene and reached glorious Derrick Avenue.  She showed us the best oriental grocery stores and Martina and I stocked up on all those hard-to-find ingredients for our Burmese and Indian dishes. I even took home some tapioca pearls to make Bubble Tea since I can no longer order them to my apartment like in good ol’ NYC. There were veggies as far as the eye could see, as well as electronics and massage parlors. Whatever you want, they have it for you and it is cheap as hell.

chinatown derrick avenue joburg, land of nams

Then Bing took us to the pièce de résistance:

 What, you ask. What is the piece of crap hole-in-the-wall doing on your sexy blog? It is a well-known fact that the dirtier the restaurant the better the food. We let her do the ordering, and man did she order…enough food to feed an army us three women. Pour l’entrée, lamb skewers. We couldn’t actually even tell what kind of meat they were because they were so deliciously fatty.

chinese style lamb skewers, land of nams

Then, a beef dish. Was it stir fry? I think it was salt and pepper beef. Who knows, I was too busy stuffing my face to pay attention to that.

salt and pepper beef, land of nams

Some noodles because if there was anything we needed after fatty lamb skewers, it’s lots of carbs.

Then to assuage our guilt, spinach.

spinach, land of nams

Another well-known fact is shopping is good for digestion. We headed to Bruma Oriental City to shop for all the cheap household stuff that we could ever need. If you are new to Joburg, don’t waste your money on household crap at Design Quarter. Look here first. We even found some bikinis, because if there is anything we are in need of, it is cheap chinatown bikinis.

When you’re in the mood for a cheap and extra delicious chinese lunch, some groceries, and some god-knows-what to stock your expat house with, make a trip out to the new Chinatown on Derrick Avenue and then Bruma City for some shopping and your wallet (and friends and hell, your husband) will thank you.

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