South African Street Style.


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     I’ve mentioned before how impossibly cool the fashion in Johannesburg is, (caveat: you have to step out of your electric fence to find it). Currently my favorite place for fashion inspiration is the rooftop of the 12 Decades Art Hotel on a Sunday evening. You’ll find guys and gals with gravity defying hair do’s and impossible-to-pull-off-for-us-mere-mortals colorful outfits. Until I learn a lot more about photography and get up the courage to photograph people on the street I’ll have to link these photos from my new photographer crush Chris Saunders. A new book has come out by Helen Jennings called New African Fashion with includes many of his photos. According to the Guardian:

… style writer Helen Jennings attempts to explore the real face of style across Africa. She looks past the clichés that make it to western catwalks, such as batik print and the ‘safari’ look, to find out more from across the African continent.

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Lucky for me P is (attempting) picking up the book on his lunch(since he works at Sandton City Towers) and I am going be endlessly inspired this evening after my photography class. Watch the video below to learn more about the Smarteez Fashion Collective, a fashion ‘tribe’ from Soweto and my other new obsession.

After watching that I’m looking for someone to go with me to the CBD to check out some fabulous fabric. The zebra curtains that came in the kitchen of our house are killing me!

smarteez, chris saunders

Photo Credit: Chris Saunders, street fashion photographer extraordinaire

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