Fashion Fridays: of clay earrings and blood diamonds.

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I have a small but lovely offering for today’s Fashion Friday. Since I recently got married and happen to be Indian, I came into a fair amount of bling. Indian parents (and grandparents, and your aunts) live for their daughters to get married, and thus we are the recipients of lots of gold and diamond jewelry when we finally make all their dreams come true by tying the knot, (we are not complaining). My most treasured piece is 2.2 carat diamond solitaires (1.1 ct each, we’re not the Kardashians here) that my mom and aunts gave me.

In college, I used to deplore diamonds and all they represented. I swore I would never get one (I did end up with a vintage engagement ring at least). My mom said watching me go through that period was like watching a gay person who hadn’t come out of the closet yet: She could see the truth, and was waiting for me to see it too. There is a line from Aziz Ansari’s character on Parks and Recreation which aptly/hilariously describes this phenomenon:

There isn’t a woman alive who doesn’t love diamonds. Even the super left wing chicks who saw Blood Diamond and cried. When they get a diamond, they’re like, “yeah, b*tch, get more of them blood diamonds! Make ’em extra bloody.”

   Anyway, all this to say when we moved to South Africa I had to leave my precious baubles in the States. I know, cry me a river. I just couldn’t risk parting with those lovely things if something should happen. Anyway, the bright side is that this has given me an opportunity to try all kinds of costume jewelry in my ears(since I didn’t take those babies out of my ears except to polish them, I didn’t even want to take them out for my wedding day earrings, which were…uncut diamonds).

In Hermanus we wandered into a gift shop called Pure South. I found these earrings called Hot Studs, which are made out of clay and also made here in South Africa (Cape Town). They have several different lines with clever names like “Rolling Stones” or “The Braidy Bunch.”  They are charming, and they are 60 ZAR (about 7 USD). I took home a bright pink and a grey for when I’m feeling the need for some neutrals. They are excellent for gifts, for matching your crazy hair color or giving a boring clothing day a pop of color.

hot studs, land of nams

Earrings: Hot Studs from Pure South

Glasses: Garrett Leight via Shopbop

ps. I’m not trying to make light of the very serious problems and victims of diamond mining in South Africa and beyond. I’m just trying to make a little fun of myself.




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