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Land of Nams: living in Johannesburg, exploring the world, documenting the things i love.

My mom and aunts hate it when I spend money on jewelry that wasn’t purchased in India- they can’t understand why I would ‘waste’ cash on gold-plated silver rings and semi precious stones when they come dirt-cheap in the motherland. Sometimes you got to put your money where your mouth is for good design.  Though I’m far away from my favorite-ist jewelry store in the whole world, catbird, I’ve been industriously finding new designers and shops to fill that hole (P is soo proud of me, I know).

Land of Nams: living in Johannesburg, exploring the world, documenting the things i love.

I found this ring by Serbian South African-born jewelry designer, Zoja Mihic. Lucky for you European and North American Continent dwellers, she lives in Paris and distributes her stuff all over the globe.  She  sources her stones and stone-cutters from Rajasthan, India. They are uneven, imperfect and that is what attracted me to the ring in the first place. If you live in Jozi you can find her stuff at Wizards Vintage, 44 Stanley  or at Le Bijou in the Blubird Shopping Centre in Illovo. If you live in the US, a small collection of her stuff can be found online at Jacaranda Style. If you live in Europe Sab’s Boutique in Geneve, Suisse. Because her stuff is actually all over but usually in small boutiques that don’t usually have a huge online presence, you can contact her directly through her website to find out if she sells in your local area. Perfect for a birthday gift for me a special friend.

In other news, after much vacillating and consulting my really-good-at-photography friends I’m going to get a 60 mm f2.8 prime macro lens for Christmas. Hip hip!

Edit: I forgot to add the best part!!!! Since gold plated eventually rubs off, you can bring your piece back to the boutique and she will re-plate it for you for FREE. (this is how it is at 2 of the South African stores I went to, but I’m assuming it’s standard since she lives in Paris).

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  1. I just spent ages looking at the pic of the arm wondering if that was the dress that you got from Jel, and then I realised that your arm is in fact brown, not white as in the picture! #needmoresleep

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