Kitchener’s Carvery Bar, Jozi

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It must be said that every time we go to Kitchener’s we have an incredible time. We went for the first time a few days after I arrived in Jozi and again last night. Both times it was a special event that our awesome friend Anita, who always knows what is going down in Jozi, dragged us to. The DJs were unreal (last night- DJ Blaqt, P-KUTTAH, DJ I.D. & RAIKO) as was the performer Kabomo.  The music was sublime. The bar is over 100 years old with all the original wall paper and fittings, and I think it might be one of the main reasons I love Jozi. It’s so different than any bars in any of the other cities I’ve lived in (different in this case=better) and I always meet the best characters. I remember going there my first weekend here and feeling so happy we moved here. I thought maybe I was just high off (ahem) the newness of the our new city, the diversity (as compared to Berlin), or the weather. Last night I was feeling quite dubious about going, but again I felt the same music/people/laid back atmosphere induced euphoria as the first time we went.

Arrive 11 or after, especially on a Friday. There was a 40ZAR cover but it was well worth it. It’s located in Braamfontein, on the corner of Juta and DeBeer Streets, right across from the Neighbourgoods Market. When our friends come and visit we are definitely making a night out here, you’ve been warned.

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