Fashion Friday: Holiday Gift Guide 2011

Holiday Gift Guide 2011

Fashion Friday: This is my humble (humble=bratty) little list of Christmas wishes. I have a HUGE find for next week’s Fashion Friday. Can’t wait to show you. I figured I’d give my family a head start on my X-mas list though =) We’re headed to Durban so P can cover COP17 and I can lie on the beach, teehee!  Ciao Ciao! ….Also, I got some really thoughtful emails after yesterday’s career post from two friends and it was the best most inspiring thing ever so thank you J and J.

Rory Beca evening gown dress
For John and Christine’s wedding at the Plaza, fancy fancy but not tooo fancy

Fur jacket from Revolve Clothing
Faux fur for above February wedding!

DKNY Leather Panel Leggings. I think I like these Paige Premium leggings  more though.
I’m gonna be in MINNESOTA in FEBRUARY people

Cartier Tank Solo
(Just a wish for later on)

Another safari!

Also featured: Fuji instax camera and film and Ona Camera Brooklyn Camera bag in black.

4 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Holiday Gift Guide 2011

    • oh my god i just saw your comment on your blog…i’m so excited that it’s the 50mm you have, my friend whose amazing at photography told me that that is what she shoots all her cooking tutorials with. it has amazing bokeh! i’m sure 1.8 is not as good as yours but i’m happy to have more aperture at a cheap price.

      • that is so funny we have the practically the same camera! :) my friend who is a photographer loves her 85mm so i’m considering that lens for a future purchase but it is totally not in my budget right now! and btw, i love that rory beca dress… i totally adore blue! esp that shade of blue. hope you have a great weekend!

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