Project 365: Day 1

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I’ve decided to start off 2012 with Project 365. I got the idea from my friend Karen, and I will take at least one picture a day every day for a year. It will be challenging because as we all know somedays you are inspired to take 300 shots and sometimes the camera sits in its bag for a week. It will be a great way to practice, learn, and  improve my photography. Plus, if I put it on this blog then there is an element of accountability. Let’s start it off with a humble picture I took at our New Year’s Day Hungover Braai. It was so lovely and chill, people just laid on the grass, played games, ate chili, drank beers (eventually), enjoyed our huge garden and Jozi weather, and sat around the fire. I used my new lens to snap some pictures of the fire.

Camera: my Canon 500D or Rebel T1i

Lens: 50mm F1.8

Settings: IS0 1600, f1/8, 1/50 of a sec, (underexposed by 2 stops), WB: Daylight


Update: I gave it it’s own page!

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