Fashion Friday: Sister Style

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My little sister has been visiting us for the past two and a half weeks. She was born when I was five and a half and was the most beautiful baby. We only attended the same school once in our lives, she was in Kindergarten and I was in the sixth grade. Though I have many years on her she has always taught me about many things, like how to be a gracious and good person. She also has beautiful long legs that I have always been jealous of which gives her the ability to wear short things (I always tell her if I had her legs I’d walk around in my underwear). This week’s Fashion Friday features my sister Neha (who’s name, by the way, means love) and is turning 22 next week. Where did the time go?

Romper: Macy’s

Bag (you can only see the strap): Olivia + Joy

Shoes and Sunglasses: Target

Bracelet and Ring: a market in Cape Town

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