Fashion Friday: Summer Safari Style

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My favorite activity to do in this gorgeous country is safari. I’m so thankful for getting to spend time in such close proximity to beautiful, giant creatures. If you have limited time in South Africa and have to choose between Cape Town or Safari, CHOOSE SAFARI. It is such a profound experience for me it almost makes me find religion. Almost. =)

On safari in the summer each drive either ends or starts when it is hot, hotter, with the hottest breeze since you are in an open jeep. This doesn’t mean you have to look like a German tourist while shooting the animals (with your camera of course). This week’s Fashion Friday combines practicality and style because even in the bush it’s fun to retain effortless chic.

Romper: American Rag via Macy’s
Sunglasses: Miu Miu via Galleries Lafayette
Hat: Spar (yes that is a grocery store and yes it is the best ZAR90 I’ve ever spent)
Shoes: Target

Some other accessories you’ll need on summer safari: something warm for when the sun is rising, in case of a thunderstorm, heavy cloud cover or after sunset, sun screen, bottled water (on top of the drinks your safari might include), mosquito repellent for meal stops,  and most importantly your camera.  Happy Safari-ing!

PS. These suggestions do not necessarily apply for walking or winter safaris.

PPS. For the love of god, please choose a safari vehicle with a COVER on it on summer safari! No cover is preferable in the winter or night safari but it is so hot here you’ll need protection from the sun.

4 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Summer Safari Style

    • haha i know, but karen it was sooo hot and we saw a group of asians (hehe) in an uncovered vehicle and they were dying….all had clothes wrapped around their heads, they weren’t even looking at anything and their cameras were just sitting in their laps! especially at imfolozi where it is humid as well. but i agree with no cover after dark or in the winter for sure! or maybe at a reserve more inland and not as humid.

      • I think the best time to go is winter or late winter. We were there in July and August and the trees were bare (we could see more and further) and the animals were not hiding from the sun. And it didn’t get too hot. But the nights were freezing cold.. skies full of stars though! That means you have to go again in winter! =)

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