So wrong, it has to be right: Jozi’s answer to Berlin’s Doener Kebap?

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While I like to consider myself somebody who eats right and cooks nutritious meals, there are times when you’re hungover we all must eat delicious bites of heaven that are really bad for you. I’m sorry to let you know about this but you’ll thank me in the end. There is a magical place called Akahlwaya’s which has the best Food for Hungover People, namely a Polony and Chip Roll. Polony is some sort of sausage (it doesn’t have pork here since Akahl’s caters to a lot of Muslim Indians) and the reason I liken it to a doener- both meats that are made in a way that we would rather not know about. On a  toasted roll, they put slices of polony, french fries, masala, chili sauce, ketchup and mayo and then toast the whole thing. I estimate it to be probably upwards of 1000 calories, but that’s neither here nor there- head to Akahlwaya’s next time you are having a bad day (Or your period. Which I guess is the same thing. TMI. Sorry.).


100 Church Street in Mayfair (there are several, but my colleague recommends this one over the others)

Call ahead with your order, because there is ALWAYS a line 011 839 4003 YOU’RE WELCOME

9 thoughts on “So wrong, it has to be right: Jozi’s answer to Berlin’s Doener Kebap?

  1. Reminds me of being a student at Wits. Though I preferred the Chip ‘n Cheese ones (sans pink polony), chicken burgers were good too… its been years since I’ve had one!

  2. I had a chip and cheese roti once at the infamous Johnny’s Roti in Overport in Durban and it was amazing, although I didn’t want to look down at my food just in case…on a side note when we moved to SA my sister and I were so horrified by polony Joanna once asked my mom if we were ever poor would we be forced to eat Polony….

    • lol….that is a hilarious story about your sister. I didn’t know what polony is, and it is quite horrifying. I just can’t explain it but I love it. I think it’s a reflection on my childhood when we didn’t get to eat American foods like hot dogs and spam.

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