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While in nyc I made my annual pilgrimage to my favorite jewelry store, which I’ve talked about several times on this blog so much so that I now have officially declared myself a Catbird Evangelist. I’ve forced P to purchased several things from there but my favorite thing to get is their first knuckle ring. I routinely give them out as presents because they are the best thing ever. A hammered band that sits just below your knuckle. I now get it in the size xxs, because I’ve owned a few xs bands that have sadly fallen off into oblivion- and this time I got it in rose gold. I don’t think that xxs is available on their website but you could write it in the ‘notes’ section of your order. I also picked up their threadbare ring, which is a very very thin hammered gold band. They have the best customer service, and it’s a small woman-owned independent jewelry store that sells MOST FABULOUS designers. Can’t get much better than that.

Catbird is located at 219 Bedford Ave, just take the L train to the Bedford stop. Or shop online, for all you expats they do international shipping. Wahoo!

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