The Good Luck Club

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Last night  The Good Luck Club opened its doors (next to Wolves, same owners). And like Wolves it’s impeccably decorated (though minimally, which I like) with industrial fittings, metal Marais chairs (which had me dreaming of an oversized future farm table and Marais chairs as far as the eye can see, but I digress….)  and ironic cat wall paper. The crowd was fashionable hipsters in top knots and cool jewelry, and the menu is succinct (can a menu be succinct?) containing a few appetizers (edamame, dumplings, etc), soups, and a few noodle dishes and stir fry. Kate and I opted for some edamame to share and soups (she the chicken and I the bean curd) as it was a rainy, overcast rather Berlin-like evening. We enjoyed green tea, though there were a few carefully selected cocktails, 2 house wines, and a list of a few other creative teas available (i.e. pineapple Rooibos). I think the kitchen is still working out its kinks, as the soups took an extraordinarily long time to come out (though maybe that means they were made from scratch when we ordered them??) but the food was good, the restaurant is cute and has lots of potential. A few of the staff were the familiar faces from Wolves so that was nice too.

The Good Luck Club, 3 Corlett Drive , 011 447 3816

Open Tues-Saturday for lunch and dinner

Sunday for lunch only

Closed Monday

It also advertises a website but I don’t think it’s running yet

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