Fashion Friday: It’s winter in the northern hemisphere.

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Last week I was in the northern hemisphere where uh, it’s winter. Oh winter, (real winter, not this South African stuff) I do not miss you. It’s nice to experience it for a couple weeks though. Anyway, clothes: they’re cheaper in the U.S. I went a little nuts while I was there but that’s another story for when the credit card bill comes another time. So finally, a Fashion Friday that involves an outfit for people Up North. You CAN be warm and not look like an eskimo (as long as it’s not too cold outside. then you must resign yourself to the eskimo.).

Sunglasses: Miumiu (because where my parents live, it’s too cold for clouds)

Crazy Warm Wool and Cashmere Shawl: something Very Expensive that my mom owns

My trusty Michael Jackson jacket: Machisma (I got it in Berlin.)

Pleather Shorts: Rachel Roy. Yes, I said pleather.

Tights: Target, obvs

Crazy comfortable booties: Via Spiga, on sale!

Bag: my trusty Alexander Wang, who shall shortly be replaced by 3.1 Philip Lim

Oh and that lipstick is my other trusty MAC retro matte Ruby Woo

Apologies for the serious picture. It’s from my mom’s iPhone, she wanted a pic of my outfit and ta-da it became Fashion Friday.

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