9 courses later: Cube Tasting Kitchen

As part of our jam-packed and thoroughly awesome show-Johannesburg-off-tour with our visiting friends, Saturday night we did chef Dario de Angeli’s Cube Tasting Kitchen in Parktown North. We spent an evening working our way through a nine course tasting menu (and by the time the third dessert came, it really did feel like work =). After the lovely Rachel made a reservation she was emailed the menu and the suggested wine pairings- this restaurant is BYOB with no corkage fee and our collective gentlemen were gracious enough to do our wine shopping. The dishes were sprinkled liberally with truffles (so much yay!) and micro-greens (so…so). It took six friends 4 hours to eat, drink and talk our way to the end . The most interesting dish for me was the roast Peking duckling  (description on menu: Apricot. Brandy. Liver) and the filet, along with the chocolate dessert. The meal is styled as a multi-sensory experience combining tastes, textures and techniques while the decor is stark and modern so that you can focus on the food and wine. A perfect place to go for wine-thirsty gourmands who need a lot of time to catch up.

The 9 course menu is 450 rands per person, (the 13 course menu is 600 rands a person, but may I be so bold as to suggest you’d need to be nuts to do that one?), and reservations are necessary (call 082 422 8158 or email cubetastingkitchen@gmail.com ).

Block off at least 3 hours or more according to how many people are in your group (though the restaurant claims the 9 courses only take 2 and a half hours ), and book a Goodfella’s or some such alternative to drinking and driving if you’re doing the wine pairings. 

Cube Tasting Kitchen is located at 17 4th Ave in Parktown North.

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