Jozi, according to my iPhone

These are images of life in Jozi from the past week. Isn’t she a beaut? (Yes, to answer your question Jozi IS a she). We’re having a steady stream of guests (and this just in- two of my best college girlfriends are VERY LIKELY COMING IN MAY!!) and therefore we’re doing lots of exploring. Incidentally, for all you extreme iPhone photographers out there I found this tool with 3 different lenses for it. You’re welcome.

Obvi I just figured out how to make a pretty gallery, so apologies for 2 in one week. Starting from the top,  left to right:

1. A snap of downtown from Nelson Mandela Bridge 2. The Photo King surveys his kingdom 3. Our first time on the Rea Vaya (public buses) 4. A pretty building from 1897 in downtown Jozi- renovated and painted pink 5. A lovely space, right next to the Mandela Bridge where somebody should throw a party or wedding 6. Metro Rail train yards 7. Cheap Prada at Wizards Vintage 8. A fire in the pit and wine in your glass is a great way to end a weekend 9. Lovely flowers from our lush garden

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