Hotel Polana for Nana

My maternal grandfather’s name is Dr. Tej Bahadur Singh which means, roughly, sharp and brave lion. He and his name are both pretty bad ass. Married to my grandmother at the age of 18, he went to the UK to study at Sheffield University where he earned a PhD in metallurgy. He became the Chairman of an aluminum company for more than 30 years, and in his retirement he became and officer for the United Nations. For his assignment he and my grandmother moved to Maputo, Mozambique for 4 years in the 80’s. During his first month in the city he stayed at Hotel Polana. At my request on our way out of Mozambique we stopped for lunch there, some delicious sushi, and I channeled my grandpa.

One of his favorite activities is to sit around his fireplace in New Delhi and drink a few strong whiskies and talk about tiger hunts of days past. It is one of my favorite activities too.

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