Mozambican-Inspired Garlic Chili Chutney

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During our weekend in Mozambique, the non-stop train of freshly caught seafood that we ate was enhanced by the presence of a magical green chile sauce. I put it on my eggs in the morning, on my fish at night, I loved it as much if not more than the deserted beach sunrise view. I spent meals tasting it, raving about it, and smelling it so I could recreate it at home. The owners of our small resort were Mozambican Indians and on the last day I asked the lady what she put in her magic sauce. She told me ‘just green chiles, garlic, vinegar, oil, and cilantro.’ So, I give you the best sauce to spice up any dish from your breakfast to your enchiladas to a samosa.

You will need:

50 gms green chiles

3 teaspoons freshly crushed garlic (more to taste)

A big handful of cilantro

about 80 ml grape-seed or other flavor-less oil

A few dashes of white wine vinegar, to taste

Roughly chop the chillies and blend all of the ingredients in a food processor. Add vinegar and oil to your preferred consistency (the sauce on Macaneta Island was downright soupy).

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