Fashion Friday: Doo.Ri Chung

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Doo.Ri Chung who is best known for her fabulously draped jersey dresses. One of her most famous clients is Michelle Obama, who is an all around BAMF,  a style icon and a woman who can wear a dress. Obvi, most of Doo.Ri’s clothing is at a price point that a humble non-profit worker such as myself irresponsibly buys anyway would have to save for, but she recently did a cheapo line for Macy’s.

When I visited my parents in MN I decided to mosey through there and thank god I did (um, they closed down the only Bloomingdale’s in the state?? Minnesotans need Bloomie’s too.). Sometimes collaboration lines go horribly wrong (remember when Isaac Mizrahi was doing all that stuff for Target and just painting his name all over everything?) and sometimes they achieve exactly what they were meant for: bringing fabulous design to everyone. You feel like you spent money one on of her ‘real’ pieces, especially this maxi dress that has about a billion pleats at the neck and flows around like a cloud and makes you feel like a super star (it is currently one of my find-a-reason-to-wear-it-once-a-week outfits) but you definitely did not (it was $85?!). I also snatched up her leather paneled leggings and two other dresses so she may show up quite a bit in Land of Nams.  Also, Macy’s now ships internationally. You’re welcome.

Michael Jackson Jacket: Machima

Dress and belt: Doo.Ri Chung for Macy’s

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