Jozi Gallery Slunking

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It took me a while to start visiting the Jozi art galleries- in Berlin galleries are everywhere, in your face, it is a city replete with galleries and artists (as well as over-saturated with “artists”). When Nick and Rachel came we checked out a few (The Goodman Gallery and the David Kruts Project Gallery on Jan Smuts) at Rachel’s insistence. I’m glad we did because I haven’t been able to stop. They noticed us eyeing a piece by Ryan Arenson (instagrammed poorly above) and to start our South African art collection they bought it for us as a wedding present, leaving it behind when they left as a surprise. It was so thoughtful I almost teared up. Last week Nico and I toured the galleries twice last week in the Maboneng Precinct. The David Kruts Print Workshop there is showing linocuts by William Kentridge which are lovely. Check out this preview of his hour long animated film about Johannesburg called “Anything Is Possible.” You can watch the whole things for free on PBS if you live in the States.

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