Fashion Friday: Dokter and Misses

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Today’s Fashion Friday is a necklace a I picked up from Dokter and Misses. They design great modern and minimalist home and office furniture, which is beautiful and sleek. I grabbed this industrial necklace that goes with everything, and I’ve been wearing it like it’s my job (and to my job).

In other exciting news I bought Adobe CS6 and had my first foray into Photoshop, the fruits of which are displayed above. I used this handy tutorial and purchased these vintage label shapes, both from Pugly Pixel. I should have made the back layer a darker grey, since you can barely see it. I’ve decided and P has very enthusiastically and kindly agreed that it would be worth my while to take an evening class some time during the upcoming months for Photoshop and then Illustrator. Before I do that I’m going to use the internet and teach myself so I don’t go in completely unprepared.

Last night we went to the opening of the new Wits Art Museum and it is grand to have a proper art museum in Jozi, another great stop for our visiting guests. It opens to the public on May 19th and I’ll write about it next week.

Have a great weekend!

Doktor and Misses
68 JUTA STREETmonday – friday 10 – 5
saturday 10 – 3
or by appointment


tuesday – friday 10 – 5
saturday 10 – 4 sunday 10 – 3
monday closed

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