House Tour: Our Bar (and styling tips)

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I’ve just finished putting the final few touches on our bar and it’s now ready for your consumption. We entertain (read: drink ) a lot and so it’s fun to have a bar that’s functional as well as nice to look at. While I don’t have a bajillion dollar lucite vintage bar cart in real life like I do in my imaginary life, our house has a built-in bar that’s accessible from the dining room and living room, and it ain’t too bad either.
A few notes about where I got stuff:
All of our stemware is from CB2 that was bought by our crazy generous family and friends as wedding presents, (there’s two more shelves that you can’t see!). It’s beautiful stuff that won’t make me want to slit my wrists if we break it.
Our wedding cake topper was found on Etsy.
The tri-bud vase is from Santos in Parkhurst, Johannesburg
The vintage-inspired tumblers are from a lovely shop called Life Unplugged in Parkhurst, Johannesburg
The octopus hook is from Anthropologie
I DIY’d the bottle stoppers from a tutorial on Cupcakes & Cashmere
I also DIY’d the gold leaf tray, with a tray from Mr. Price and gold leaf paint
The clear bottles are filled with spirits, and I’m going to continue and shell out for the bottles that are pretty (I’m not too concerned with what’s in them, as long as it’s alcohol). Tomorrow I’m going to show you how to make your own saffron infused-gin along with a photoshop label download so you can give your infused liquors as gifts or as pretty additions to your bar.
I learned how to do the “attention circles” over at Pugly Pixel. Thank god for that woman.

11 thoughts on “House Tour: Our Bar (and styling tips)

  1. Nice photo work and I love the attention circles. Photoshop must be easy or something because I feel like you haven’t had it long and are really good at it. No offense that I think it’s easy, I just feel like it must be because everything you do with it already looks like it’s from a magazine.

    • hey clare, thanks! i think photoshop is infinitely difficult and complicated mother of a program which i actually don’t know anything about…the tutorials i do on pugly pixel are super easy to follow so this can look like a magazine even though i really don’t know what i’m doing at all. like i don’t even know how to edit my photos in it, seriously. it’s going to take me years and at least a class or two to learn.

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      • Hot-hot-hot here. Open-air cinemas, festivals, Fete de la Musique on Thursday, sunbathing by the Spree, sunset at 21:30… I name it, you miss it!

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