Fashion Friday: The Party (Nail) Train


     Since I’ve noticed my South African as well as expat friends wearing their engagement rings without seeming to be in constant terror that someone is going to run out and chop their fingers off, I decided the time was now (famous last words?) to start wearing mine again  -thanks to Anna and Mo for bringing it to me from the States. To celebrate our reunion (me and my handsome art deco ring’s reunion, obv) I decided to jump on the party nail train. The train where you color-block, fluorescentize, glitterize or in some way make your ring finger(s) pop. I needed something to make me feel like I’m young and cool again. So, I had my nail lady paint Essie’s Borrowed and Blue (almost white, barely blue) and on my ring fingers and an additional layer of OPI for Sephora in Only Gold For Me only on my ring fingers.  Unfortunately you can’t really see it in my pop art collage above, probably the most clearly in the black and white photo.
     Last week I had a dark navy blue, Essie’s Midnight Cami on my fingers and a neon pink Essie’s Lights on my ring finger. I’m really keen to next time try dipping my ring finger in a pot of glitter and omg Sephora and Pantone made a color of the year inspired nail polish set, what???, (why isn’t there a god damn Sephora in South Africa??) so it seems there will be plenty of crap for me to order to my in-laws’ house so they can lug it to me when they visit us in August. How lucky for them!
I made my confetti brush using Pugly Pixel’s photoshop tutorial once again, long live PP!

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  1. Love this, Nams! I did something similar recently with Essie’s turquoise & caicos and Sephora’s only gold for me (but you’re right, dipping your finger in glitter would be more flashy)

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