india love (free print downloads)

I’m in a bit of a hurry so I won’t wax poetic about why I love India, the country of my birth and heritage, but I’ll quickly tell you a little bit about the prints. The top one is the first line of a beautiful old patriotic song about India. (I remember it from the Indian school I went to on Saturdays, so it wasn’t a total wash Mom and Dad). The second is obviously a map of India with a heart on Calcutta (now Kolkata, but I don’t call it that) where I was born. The third is a picture of the Rajdhani Express -if you’ve ever talked to me about India you’ll know my favorite thing to do is get a first class ac ticket and ride around India by train, (something that I’ve yet to do with P). The last is a map of all the Indian railways, again with a heart on Calcutta…when we visited India growing up, we always ended up taking the Rajdhani from New Delhi to Calcutta, either to visit cousins there or in Jamshedpur (a small city a few hours outside of Cal). Those are some of my favorite memories.

Here and here are the maps so you can add your own heart.

And remember, these are for private non-commercial use only, dhanyawad.

These are also a part of where my where we’ve lived series.

Phew, I’m exhausted by making these and it’s ceasing to be fun so I think Madison and Boston are going to have to wait until next week.

Happy Independence day to all you Americans!

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