fashion friday: diy first knuckle rings

     After making some jewelry when Anna and Maureen came to visit, I had about 1,000 crimps left over and no ideas. So for this Fashion Friday, I’m combining some of my favorite things: first knuckle rings, jewelry made of thin strings and DIY.
You’ll need:
Silk thread, or embroidery thread in the color of your choice
A pair of pliers
     Simply follow the instructions above, except I forgot to add: TRIM OFF THE EXCESS THREAD after your clamp down on the crimps. You can make a whole stack or just a couple to add to the party on your hand. I used black thread, obvi but feel free to get crazy. For the pinky ring I just added a separator. Add anything you like!
The two thin bands on my hand are the catbird first knuckle ring in rose gold and their threadbare ring in yellow gold.

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