something from nothing: diy gift wrap

This week I had the great pleasure to wrap a gift for two friends. I usually don’t get too creative with wrapping paper, since the whole point is that it gets ripped off. Since I have been spray painting so much gold this week (more to come tomorrow!) , I found a leaf in the backyard that was an innocent spray painting casualty.  (I always think the grass that gets accidentally spray painted is so pretty, but I’ve never done anything with it except photograph it). I couldn’t let the pretty leaf go to waste so I used it to wrap a gift. This is the perfect way to use crap you have laying around your house to make a pretty gift: waste not, want not. I always think it’s a waste of money to spend tons of time and money on wrapping, anyway!

Supplies I found around the house:

Brown Craft Paper or paper grocery bags
Black Silk Cord/Thread
3 leaves from outside, one accidentally spray painted
Scissors, clear tape, and a pin

I first wrapped the gift the brown paper. Then I wrapped the black cord around it a few times. I used a pin to make holes in the three leaves and threaded the black cord through them. Obviously, just sub-in your own version of Crap Around The House.

Easy, pretty, and free.

Something from nothing, which is the best kind of DIY.

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