diy: chevron tray

To corral all of the COFFEE RELATED CRAP in the kitchen I made a gold chevron tray. I wanted something simple so made oversized zig-zags. The other reason I want something pretty for the coffee stuff is that thanks to my friend Anna I bought an electric milk froth-er. I’m going to make thousands of espresso drinks on our trip to St. Lucia (the milk froth-er is coming with us).  Pre-safari latte is where it’s at.

1 white tray
gold spray paint
over sized masking tape

1. Create a zig zag pattern with your masking tape. Like so:


2. Take outside, and spray. It’s EXTRA IMPORTANT that you use light even strokes. Don’t get all up in the tray or your zig zags will bleed and that will look sloppy.

3. Let it dry.



3 thoughts on “diy: chevron tray

  1. yes, i can’t wait to have a long conversation about how life changing milk frothers are. you won’t need to make stops at that red and white place up at the mall anymore. and that tray is one of your cutest.

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