diy: dip dyed alphabet magnets

On my latest favoritest blog Radical Possibility (Zandi is cussy and snarky and does amazing diy projects, and sometimes they’re a big hilarious FAIL) was recently a post on knock off gold fridge magnets. I loved these because 1) if I ever have kids I certainly don’t want their ugly crap lying all over the house- the more you can disguise their crap into pretty items of decor (only beautiful artisanal wooden toys for any future children! ;) the better and 2) seriously, what I don’t need kids to want alphabet magnets. She mentioned dip dying them so I took this project in that direction.

You’ll need:
-alphabet magnets (another trip to the TOY STORE please)
-white spray paint
-gold acrylic paint

Spray paint your letters (soft, light even strokes) white and let them dry over night. Then open up your jar of gold acrylic paint and dip em’. Acrylic paint dries very much the way it is, so I used this to my advantage by letting the letters dry with paint literally dripping off- they dried the same way and now they really do look like they’ve been dipped in gold.

Our kitchen is very retro with metallic cupboards so I’ll probably throw em around there. Some of them are going over the coffee station (which shall be revealed in a future post).

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