iPhone week: second time’s a charm

Despite my good intentions and lofty proclamations of posting while on vacation, it wasn’t to be: safari doesn’t allow for internet, not even a 3g stick worked. So I’m back on the horse this week- my page hits are as higher than ever, and I want to give the people what they want! We had an incredible week on vacation with my in laws- we got to show them where we live- touring around Jozi, introducing them to our friends, and taking them on safari- one of the great privileges of living in South Africa as a foreigner is being able to take your friends and family (lots of them!) on their first ever safari. I don’t think anything on this planet Earth compares to the first time a rhino or a lion is chilling a few feet away from you in its natural habitat. I’ll post pictures from our trip later on.
The second iPhone accessory that I acquired were some lenses from Photojojo for my iPhone. My idea was to iPhone-a-graph our safari. I didn’t quite work out as I wanted it to because I just couldn’t resist reaching for my telephoto but I managed to get some cool shots which I’ll share later.
For now, here are some examples of what you can do with your iPhone + simple lenses. PS. the Macro and the Fisheye are my favorites! 

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