planet earth still has miracles that we haven’t ruined (yet)

I went on safari and all you got were these photos. We took P’s family to Hluhluwe-Umfolozi and isiMangaliso for safari, and we went deep sea fishing on the Indian ocean. We caught 7 Yellowfin tuna, and we’ve been eating it in all kinds of ways (mostly raw) since then. I continue to be floored by the flora and fauna we come across in South Africa’s national parks. We saw lions but my lens wasn’t powerful enough for a good shot. Maybe, next year it will be! Also, I made you a little stop motion video of a couple mama rhinos and their babies. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “planet earth still has miracles that we haven’t ruined (yet)

  1. I remember that especially long-horned white rhino from my trip to iSimangaliso. Impressive. I assume the crocs were all hiding during the boat ride? I found that as I visited Kruger more often, I lost (most) interest in taking pictures, enjoying just being there and witnessing it all more intensely… you?

    • definitely. i was going to iphoneograph this trip but i couldn’t help snapping some pics too. i’ve started to recognize rhinos too (they are NOT animals that move around a lot!). we knew where to look for the long horned ones and they were more or less still living in the same area. i guess poachers know this too.

  2. wow! these pictures are stunning, thanks for sharing. we almost went to south africa for our honeymoon but went to australia instead since we were already in LA… your pictures are making me regret our decision!

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