spring has sprung in jozi.

dare i say it?

spring has sprung in Johannesburg.

flowers are shyly poking their buds out, we don’t need an electric blanket at night, and it’s too hot for jeans in the day time. back to wearing skirts to work, yahoo! i feel at any moment we’re going to get our afternoon thunderstorms back which last for a delicious hour and disappear (along with the humidity).

i think we’re going to celebrate by eating dinner outside again. we feel like prisoners who have been freed, no longer do we need to start a fire or the electric heater before hanging out in the living room. i can walk into my office without a moment’s forethought.

these flowers smell heavenly and are growing like WOAH from the roof of our house. so i brought some inside my office. they matched my tiny pink notebook i bought a while ago where i write down my blog & project ideas (for some reason blog ideas require a delicate miniature moleskin, OBVIOUSLY). nature always nails it so i picked out this delicious flower’s color palette. if you come over, i’ll be sure you get to smell them. does anybody know what they are called? when they bloom they are tiny and light pink, almost white. they drive the bees crazy with their nectar!

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