diy concrete ring bowl

I loved this bowl from catbird, and this container from Alder & Co had me wanting one of my own- the near impossibility of successfully shipping things to South Africa and my impatience was followed with a DIY version (OBVI).


Bowl and stirring stick you don’t care about to mix it in
Bowl for mould (one you don’t use for eating, can be porcelain or plastic, if plastic then oil it)
Work Space
Gold Spray Paint
Cream Spray Paint (mine was called ‘muslin’)
Clear Gloss Spray Paint (optional)

Follow the instructions of your quickrete to mix a bit of it (you won’t need a lot). For more detailed concrete tips check back on this post. Pour a bit into the bottom of a bowl. I like the uneven nature-like quality of mine so I didn’t shake it to even the concrete ‘batter’. After it has dried after the instructed period on the packaging, you must remove it from the mould. I got a hammer out, thinking I would have to destroy my porcelain bowl. But after turning it upside down a few inches above the plastic covered carpet it came out in a couple taps, so I can use the bowl again! Sand any sharp or rough edges down.

I sprayed the top an extra shiny gold and the under side muslin to match the ones that I admired. I spray painted the clear gloss coat on the top bowl part. Of course you gotta do one side at a time and let it dry before you can turn it over.

Et voila! A sleek, beautiful place to take your rings off at night or while you shower.

9 thoughts on “diy concrete ring bowl

    • so i would try bauhaus and ask them for cement mix for a small craft project that doesn’t require any special tools, they have all kinds of concrete that’ are for ‘repairs’ and dry quickly that will work, that’s what i used for this one.

  1. :( my cement is stuck to my porcelain bowl – any ideas how to get it out without breaking the bowl? I guess I should have tried oiling the bowl first?

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