got my safari on. again.

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What kind of expat would I be if I lived in South Africa and didn’t safari as much as possible? A sad one. And what is Land of Nams without a good dose of wildlife photography? Being close to wild animals never gets old. (Okay, it got a little old- since P is now officially a birder. He has a book and everything. A thiiick book.)

We went to Madikwe Game Reserve with my sister and Brian & Kari, lovely friends who were visiting us from Boston. We saw a pack of wild dogs on their morning hunt. Wild dogs are endangered species. And a first! I saw my first wild cheetahs. I don’t have a lot of apex predator firsts anymore and so that was wonderful. Also terrifying wonderful- being in the middle of a pride of 15 lions while they roared away. At night. Observe:

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  1. Love the night-time lioness shot. And the elephants. Pretty much my fav animal. Random elephant question: Have you ever seen/smelled a male elephant when he was in an aggressive musth period?

    • ahh, yes! I have- quite the sight- they are what I would call the sexual equivalent of hangry (hungry + angry) and a bit scary since they are acting aggressive. also, was able to catch sight of a successful male in musth in the Zambezi river- he used the fact that the female was a bit busy dealing with the water to catch her! poor girl. it’s hard not to anthropomorphize when watching animals mate (big or small).

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