christopher plummer wears glasses.

cpwearsglasses-6266cpwearsglasses-6265This week Christopher Plummer wears… glasses.

He read almost half of Robert Caro’s LBJ books then took a nice long nap. You really deserved that nap, Christopher.

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  1. Hi nams, I love your aesthetic. Its fresh, fun, interesting and truly enjoyable. I was wondering if you have any suggestions for me – i have one free day in Joburg this weekend and would be very interested in your recommendations on best places to visit around town to make photographs. michelle xx

    • Hi Michelle! If you have Saturday free I would do neighbourgoods market and if it’s Sunday I would so Arts on Main (google either one). These would get you both downtown which makes for great pics!

      • You rock Nams. I just googled Arts on Main and looks awesome. I’ll be there. Thanks ever so much x

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