DIY: folding chair makeover


I always need extra seating for dinner parties or braais. Folding chairs are ugly. I don’t like ugly things taking up space in my home. Here’s a solution!

I used some cheeky Shwe Shwe fabric with Madiba’s face since we live in South Africa for one and some old scrap I had laying around for the other.

Things you’ll need:
folding chair
drop cloth
spray paint
staple gun


1.   Using screwdriver, remove cushion and/or backrest from chair.

2. Outside or in a garage, put the chair on a drop cloth or plastic and give it a good wipe. Spray chair with smooth even strokes, a foot away- lots of layers are better than close, thick layers.
3. Lay out fabric and line up seat cushion and/or back cushion. Trim fabric along edge of cushion (approximately 3″ from edge). Then attach fabric using staple gun.
4. Once chair is dry, screw the cushion/backrests back on et voila! Extra guests at dinner parties or around the fire, and it’s not gross.

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