diy: travel jewelry pouch



A while ago I ordered Kathleen Whitaker’s staple earring from Pretty Mommy. It came in the most adorable little bag. I used the bag constantly to store my jewels while traveling, or working out or showering at the gym. I sort of ran it into the ground so I made some DIY replacements.

red, black thread
scissorsblack cord
(optional) embroidery hoop

traveljewelrypouchYou can follow these directions. My sewing machine is in South Africa but since these are so small they are not a pain to hand sew. Before sewing the bag up, I embroidered a little heart in which is totally optional, unless you’re a freak like me.

2 thoughts on “diy: travel jewelry pouch

  1. ok seriously?! i usually have KW staples in all 4 of my earring holes and took them out monday b/c my ear was bugging me – too funny i didn’t have em in yesterday!

    the heart is a total freak move. but still awesome.

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