consumerist: series 4. running pretty


What keeps you running pretty? One of the main attractions of running is that all it requires is your legs and a pair of running shoes. But not if you’re like me need more motivation than the sound of your damn feet hitting the pavement (RETAIL THERAPY).

1. The hair ties that don’t put bumps in your hair are a staple. I initially bought lots of colors but I only use black or brown.

2. The correct sports bra. So important. My ladies are pretty small so I don’t need to get too serious about this.

3. POST SAUNA SWEATS. The most important part of my running wardrobe. After showering in your gym’s shower and taking a sauna, no one wants to put your work clothes or your sweaty running clothes back on. They’re even CALLED post restorative sweat pants. That’s how I feel when I wear them.

4. I’m still not convinced I have the best arm band in town, but it does the job. If it weren’t for Robertson Dean reading Robert Caro’s Power Broker, lots of podcasts, and most importantly late 90’s r&b I would NEVER get off the couch in the first place. Arm bands for your iPhone are as important as keeping hydrated and breathing.


**Welcome to the consumerist column, where I detail things I want. Because I want a lot of things and I’m not ashamed to say it. 

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