Hello, my name is Namrata, (this is me on the morning of my wedding).
Right now, I live in Johannesburg, South Africa with my husband, P. I’m Indian-American (dot!-not-feather as you can see).
We live around the world for P’s job (journalist) and while he writes about exciting things I decided to solve my (slightly post) quarter life crisis by career changing into a more satisfying field.
We started in Berlin…I quit my job as a math teacher in New York City for love (you’ll be surprised to find out that crying on Skype was not quite doing it for me) and found a NEW job as a math teacher in Berlin. P and I got married in August, 2011 and now being a math teacher is a thing of the past- it also wasn’t quite doing it for me.
Then I had this blog and my new life on the fourth continent I’ve lived on and a lot of shoppingsoul job searching to do. After three surreal months as a professional safari wino expat housewife (gross, get it off me) I got hired at an incredible NGO- I get to use my brains and sweat (there tends to be a lot of sweating) to help the South African government build a better healthcare system.
So, this is a space where I can shed my day time healthcare economics brain to spread my design wings, project my very glamorous and fashion forward fantasies on you, my dear readers, and share my love of food, as well as learn to use CS6 to display my ever-growing collection of fonts. I will also document our Easyjet setting and DIY’ing our house which has a pool (I’m glamorous remember?).
Maybe I can also show you another side of Johannesburg (the side where we are all not constantly being stolen from and shot at, (thanks Oscar Pistorius!) in fact we are actually loving this city!  Additionally, I shall try and reign in exclamation point and parenthetical usage.
This will be my record of our lives (if I am henceforth Not Lazy) and things I love, and hopefully I will entertain you or at least let you know if I’ve been killed yet how I am doing (hi mom). I hope you enjoy!
{photo via bryan newfield}

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  1. Namrata – I LOVE your voice (after getting used to all the lower case)! And thanks for reigning in the exclamation points – they are pet peeves of mine:-). And also – be careful about inviting people to visit. They all do, in my experience. Something about South Africa – everyone scolds you for moving into this danger zone, and then they waste no time coming here and invading your house. I should know, we are on visitors number 6 or so for this year… Looking forward to reading (and seeing) more of you.

    • Sine thanks for the compliment, I tried to write using proper capitalization but it just didn’t feel right. I know visitors- the place in Berlin was a veritable hotel for the first year :) It seems to be taking longer for the onslaught to start this time because it is a bit more out of the way from our friends in the States. I’ll look forward to seeing you at Martina’s shindig.

  2. Nama… love the blog. It makes me wish that I too had started one when i first moved to costa rica… there are so many things that one experiences living outside the U.S., its great to be able to document them. The manual car story brings a smile to my face… i’m pretty sure i destroyed the gears on my tracker learning to shift while on mountain terrain….haha!
    looking forward to reading more…

  3. Hi Namrata! It’s been such a long time. I saw Amanee posted your blog, and I’m checking it out. Congratulations on your marriage and your moves! I’m really digging this blog for it’s honesty, humor (“Now I have this blog and my new life and a lot of shopping [crossed out], soul [crossed out] job searching to do.” –hilarious!) great photos, and I’m loving reading about your adventures. Wishing you luck and will definitely be reading on. Good luck with everything!

    • Lindsay! Thanks so much for checking this out, I appreciate it. FB tells me you are still in NYC and doing incredibly well as lawyer…Good for you girl and congrats!

  4. Namrata, I do love your site. I am visiting Jozi 12-28 May, and I’m dying to go salsa dancing. Have you heard of good places? I’ve done a search, and there are lots, but I can’t tell which are the places with the good dancers. I’m not a beginner, so I’m not interested in lessons. : ) Don’t know if this is your thing, but thought you may have heard something… Thanks!

      • I have found several places, but you never know how good they are until you go. I plan on hitting some of the up while in Jozi, and I’ll let you know where the good ones are : )

  5. Hi Nama. oh What fun to have discovered your blog….love the mani’s but was desperate to see the photos.
    Your study was such an inspiration and that I realised that is just the space missing in my life.
    Love the Nama way of spicing up Jozi life. I am always hunting for new places. Definitely going to do the Soweto thing. Thought if you would like a little weekend away….without traveling too far, we discovered a special at the Forum Homini hotel. (6 course dinner with wine pairing, lovely african design hotel in the grassy highveld with awesome breakfast for R2000 per couple on Sunday evenings).
    Hope you never leave Joburg, cause I’ll miss the local posts.

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