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ottolenghi’s eggplant with buttermilk sauce & pomegranate


We just purchased Ottolenghi’s Plenty and have been cooking out of it almost every night since we got back from Zanzibar.

I admit I do not cook middle eastern foods often enough (though it’s my favorite region of cuisine) and there was a bit of a learning curve. I’m just not that knowledgeable about how to properly season an eggplant or how much lemon zest to replace sumac with.

My favorite dish so far was the roasted aubergine with buttermilk sauce and pomegranate.

It tasted even more delicious the next day.

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the doors of stone town.


In Stone Town one of the first things you notice are the beautiful, brilliantly carved doors. Zanzibar was a stop on the spice route and a gateway to Africa and the Arab, Indian and Swahili influences can be seen everywhere you look. There were old doors for sale in some of the antique shops and I so wanted to one to use for a head board but cooler heads prevailed and we settled for a Zanzibari chest, carved by a lovely Mr. Al Tamimi. Here’s a couple of my favorites that I saw while we wandered through the narrow, meandering passage ways. I wish I could move to Stone Town and get lost there for a few years.

*ps the narrow passage ways made it hard to create good composition without a wide angle lens, so the doors are bit crooked, like the streets, and the tops may be cut off because of this. SOMEBODY deserves a new lens methinks!

low tide frolic: zanzibar.


We just returned from a much needed (MAGICAL) holiday in Zanzibar with our friends Nick and Rachel. We spent some time on the beach and a couple days in Stone Town, (which I absolutely fell in love with). Our first morning when the tide was out we did a little frolicking (obv, I was wearing my 50’s high waisted bikini). P was a great photographer. We smashed champagne, got stung by jelly fish, went snorkeling, and had hours-long moonlit seaside dinners with lots of wine and Tanzanian beer. Lots more pictures of Stone Town and the sublime Emerson Spice Hotel to come!

instagram vids

I’m loving the new video feature on Instagram- the only thing is I would like to make my videos better with a tripod or a steadying grip, (which are actually available! at photojojo). Here are some general pro tips for shooting better instagram videos (also courtesy of photojojo). I really enjoy watching the videos that people spend a bit of time and thought into shooting (this applies to pictures as well). No one wants to see your grainy under-lit dinner!! Putting some light and composition into your ‘grams and vids makes the internet and instagram feeds a more beautiful place.

What are your instagram video secrets?

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christopher plummer wears a running hat.

cpwearsahat2 cpwearsahat3 cpwearsahat4cpwearsahat1

Today Christopher Plummer is post-run in his favorite sun-blocking running hat. The fact that canines don’t sweat is wonderful because he can go directly from his run into the office- no shower needed. His colleagues are quite jealous that he gets to his desk an hour before everyone- he’s already made 3 million dollars by the time they walk in at 8 am sipping their mocha lattes!  He has been training hard for a marathon. Christopher Plummer you are such a fit dog, we wish had your dedication and stamina.

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