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  1. Hi Namrata! I love your blog and writing style! I came across your blog when I was looking for Thanksgiving recipes. Just wondering–did you buy your domain from WordPress.com? I’m thinking of buying my site as well, but not sure if I should get the bundle pack offered by wordpress or look elsewhere. Thanks! x

    • Hi there! Thanks for reading :) I did buy my domain name from WP, and I bought the bundle pack. The only thing I don’t like about it is that you are limited to WP’s stats, and can’t use google analytics. But I’m not ready for wordpress.org…So you should maybe do some research into blogspot by google. But yea, I do like it all in all….

      • Thanks for the tip, Namrata! So funny story–when I was looking for recipes, I ended up browsing around your site for a bit and read the about me section. And after seeing some of your pictures, you looked awfully familiar, but I couldn’t place you. Finally, I realized I had seen you in some pictures on Laura Steven’s album on fb! She and I were Fulbrighters together in Berlin 2 years ago! What a small world! :)

  2. Hey Namrata, what a beautfil blog! I just came across it. It’s a feast for the eyes, I am just loving it. I would love you to come and visit my shop, I think you would like it. Its called Millers Antiques, and I import English classic and Frech provincial repro furniture from Indonesia. I have just unpacked a new shipment, its gorgeous. I am at 62 Siemert Rd, Doornfontein. I am open this weekend, if you are around in Jozi, come by. Really looking forward to staying in touch on FB (http://www.facebook.com/MillersAntiques) and here. Best Carmit

    • Hey Carmit, Thanks so much for stopping by! I would love to visit your antiques shop, sounds just up my alley. This weekend we are headed out of town but will make a plan for a weekend soon! xx

  3. Hi Namrata! What a beautiful blog! I would love to talk to you about using a couple of photos from your blog on my website. I’d be happy to pay, as I don’t want to steal them. You take lovely photos. Please email me at jen@jenderksdesign.com Thanks!

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