Fashion Friday: It’s winter in the northern hemisphere.

Land of Nams: living in Johannesburg, exploring the world, documenting the things I love

Last week I was in the northern hemisphere where uh, it’s winter. Oh winter, (real winter, not this South African stuff) I do not miss you. It’s nice to experience it for a couple weeks though. Anyway, clothes: they’re cheaper in the U.S. I went a little nuts while I was there but that’s another story for when the credit card bill comes another time. So finally, a Fashion Friday that involves an outfit for people Up North. You CAN be warm and not look like an eskimo (as long as it’s not too cold outside. then you must resign yourself to the eskimo.).

Sunglasses: Miumiu (because where my parents live, it’s too cold for clouds)

Crazy Warm Wool and Cashmere Shawl: something Very Expensive that my mom owns

My trusty Michael Jackson jacket: Machisma (I got it in Berlin.)

Pleather Shorts: Rachel Roy. Yes, I said pleather.

Tights: Target, obvs

Crazy comfortable booties: Via Spiga, on sale!

Bag: my trusty Alexander Wang, who shall shortly be replaced by 3.1 Philip Lim

Oh and that lipstick is my other trusty MAC retro matte Ruby Woo

Apologies for the serious picture. It’s from my mom’s iPhone, she wanted a pic of my outfit and ta-da it became Fashion Friday.

Fashion Friday: traveling

Land of Nams: living in Johannesburg, exploring the world, documenting the things I love
When we lived in Berlin I used to dread the 10 hour flight to the States. That was child’s play compared to the schlep from South Africa. Today’s Fashion Friday is all about how to get through your excessively long flight. BTW I’m not wearing that green dress on a plane, it’s just one of the options I bought for a fancy wedding we are attending back in NY. What do you think…keep or return?
The key to surviving a long flight is a) bringing moisturizer and b) not wearing a sweatsuit or worse, a velour track suit. If you must bring pajamas, change into them on the plane. You’re traveling across the world and we have to look at you. I’m not asking you to wear god damn heels, but leggings are just as comfortable as sweats and not as ugly. What are you, 14? This is an airplane, not your living room. Don’t be that person.
First things first, leggings. They’re comfortable like pajamas, but acceptable for public consumption. Also my black riding boots, because they’re a half size too big and your feet are going to swell after 24 hours and no one wants to stuff them into something tight. I wear a comfortable shirt like a Jcrew tank or grey t shirt and throw my blazer on top. Party while you’re sitting, business while you’re walking through the airport. Then a beautiful, roomy bag that can fit all of your traveling plane stuff. And put some extra undies in there in case your flight gets delayed overnight in Paris. Though now that my camera is the love of my life, I might be stuffing my extra undies into my camera bag instead.
The other important things that will make your flight bearable: 1. Facial moisturizer. I use Clinique Comfort on Call, and reapply a lot. Great for those living in the tundra of northern Europe, the American Midwest or down in dry, hot, Africa. 2. Noise canceling head phones. P bought some fancy Bose ones for me back when we were in a trans-atlantic relationship and they are a life saver. 3. Your iPad. More lightweight than your laptop. Be sure to charge it and load it up with a bunch of New Yorkers and perhaps a book if you’re a non-book book person. 4. A book. As soon as I get to the States I’m buying Katherine Boo’s new book, Behind the Beautiful Forevers, about a slum in Mumbai. Till then I’m reading some Naipaul. 5. A sleeping mask. Because some idiot always keeps his window shade up after dinner, no matter how many times the flight attendants asks him to shut it. AFTER DINNER ON AN INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT IS DARK TIME, THOSE ARE THE RULES GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD. 6. A good neck pillow. 7. Also, I rarely check a bag. Even for a trip for 3 weeks. The only time I usually check a bag is when I’m moving to a new country. Your stuff will never get lost.

Black boyfriend blazer, $130
Black leggings, £14
Gucci black leather boots, £810
Alexander Wang leather shoulder bag, £660
Bose Ae2i Audio Headphones, $180
Clinique Comfort On Call Intensive Cream, $50
Contrarian Babs Bibb Dress, $425

Lastly, I’m taking a blog vacation next week so I can enjoy time with family and friends for the first week of my trip! I’ll be back online Monday February 27th! And I’ll update my project 365 sometime this weekend, I have a two week backlog.

fashion fridays.

okay i’m doing it. fashion fridays. disclaimers: 1) i don’t claim to know anything about fashion, except that i like it. 2) i’m just learning how to use my camera, and take pictures of my outfits so bear with me! maybe i’ll be too shy to do this again and 3) i must apologize for my look of fear-masked-by-determination in this photo, i’ll get it one day. ok, let’s get started shall we?

i wore this to watch the south african ballet perform sleeping beauty at joburg civic theatre.

sunglasses: miumiu via galeries lafayette. i had a bad day at work and they made me feel better like p couldn’t no one else could

tank: h&m. that is because jcrew recently decided to make their tanks out of shit very thin material. bad move jcrew. i loved your tanks. 

neon maxi skirt and necklace: anthropologie. i got that ish on sale, yo. 

bag: alexander wang via shopbop. because mr. wang is a bad*ss. and now by the transitive property, so am i. 

bracelet: adia kibur via shopbop.

alright, i hope you have a wonderful, relaxing weekend! singh: out. 

14th october, 2011