a new coffee table.

We thankfully said goodbye to our 18 euro plastic and and particle board Ikea coffee table- and embraced our real, grown up mid-century modern coffee table. P’s parents bought it for us for our 1 year anniversary from Brak Furniture in Johannesburg. How nice of them! Now to replace one more ikea chair with one from Anatomy Design and my living room can be the living room of a grown ass woman.


Namrata Singh//Pata Pata at the 12 Decades Art Hotel


my favorite area in jhb is easily the Maboneng Precinct which is an artsy neighborhood in downtown. it contains my favorite activity to do on a sunday: go to Market on Main to eat delicious foods from all over the world and shop locally made products that i definitely don’t need (that’s how i found our first new piece of furniture). following that, we head next door to the roof top bar on the 12 Decades Art Hotel (more on that amazing place in another post) and try and fit in with a crowd that sports impossibly cool hair-do’s and electric pink shorts with retro sunglasses. the Market is open every sunday and the first thursday of every month. it is housed in a place called Arts on Main which is a great concrete space with studios and workshops etc. on these sundays i feel especially happy and proud to live in jo’burg and happy to be alive in general, even if i regret the drinks on monday morning. we can’t wait to take you there! i love all of those things so much that i am going to bring my camera and give them their own posts. anyway, last night we enjoyed the thursday night market with our friends and i couldn’t really take good pictures because it was dark and i didn’t bring a tripod with me. afterwards we grabbed a drink at Pata Pata (above) as it was closing down. i took the above picture and messed with the definition and shadows a bit to give it the effect of a drawing or painting, just so i could explore my mac’s editing software. 

7th october, 2011