mini pumpkin birthday donuts (glitterized, obvs)

Since we’re going away with friends for the weekend and it will also be my birthday I decided to make mini donuts with a traditionally fall ingredient: pumpkin (my mom also just replenished my supplies of American/Mexican ingredients that are not available here). More important than the pumpkins, I used GLITTER SPRINKLES.

The Brits we know and love have a hard time grasping pumpkin as an ingredient in a SWEET, but we’re always working hard to widen their cultural horizons. P is not exactly into baking, and my mom always said when a grown ass woman wants glitter donuts for her birthday, a grown ass woman has to make them herself. Just kidding, obviously Neels never said that, but after 5 years together it’s pretty clear that P shall never bake me a glitter cake.

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